Genesis - Xenon Tyner

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This story follows Xenon’s entry into Okanagan College and her experience moving through the Associate of Arts program while balancing schooling, work, and life. Everyone struggles with school, but mental health issues can exacerbate those struggles to an unmanageable level. This story offers the idea of a creation and self-expression as an essential component in a person’s wellbeing.


The story’s creation was helped along by Xenon’s self-taught art and computer skills and her experience in creative writing. Illustrations were created with a Wacom Bamboo tablet in Clip Studio Paint, a digital painting software, and compiled with the text in StoryMaps, a digital storytelling tool that allows the user to combine writing and other media in an accessible format.

Student for a Day to Visiting Student - Courtney Spetz

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This story begins to dive into some options available for alternative routes to starting, working on, and finishing a Diploma in Communications, Culture, and Journalism Studies from Okanagan College. This story was written by and about the author who hopes to provide inspiration to current or incoming students to look out for the opportunities that will make their education work for their life outside of school.

Throughout this project, the author had ideas for multiple formats, including smaller amounts of text and video with voice over, but landed on long form text with visual elements as she felt this would be the best way to make the information as easy to navigate, read, and engage with as possible. Her hope for this story is to spark other students’ interest in Arts programs Okanagan College offers as well as help others to utilize the options available to them.

Jaimee Linder - Zulma Suarez-Lopez

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"Jaimee Linder" is a story about self-empowerment, education, and self-reliance. Coming back to school as a mature student is never easy, but when passion is the motivating force behind new challenges, we accomplish more than we ever could have imagined. As a student of the Diploma in Communications, Culture, and Journalism Studies Program, Jaimee has had to catch up with new technologies and break free from her comfort zone to be able to achieve her long life dream of getting a college degree.

The making of this story was a continuous process of observation and attention to detail. Visuals and sounds of everyday life create harmony within chaos. The real, the raw, and the soundtrack we choose to walk our lives with all accompany the struggle and success of never giving up.

A Step into the Unknown - Jodian Spaulding


"A Step into the Unknown" highlights international Jamaican student Kevaughn Thames' journey to Okanagan College and shares his experience studying at the college. International students must adjust to climatic changes and working minimum hours to finance themselves while studying. The story is also about Okanagan College's  Arts portfolio and the educational environment the school offers to international students. This story embodies Kevaughn’s ambitious path to achieving his goals of becoming a graduate and pursuing his dream job of becoming a geographic information system technician. Read more about Kevaughn Thames' journey in the feature “A Step into the Unknown."

Writing,Publishing and you! - Stanley Webb


Learn how a Writing and Publishing Diploma can enhance your writing skills.


Hear the story of a current student whose career path change led to an award-winning book release, and how the Writing and Publishing Diploma helped him along this path.


Could you use this program to help you with your future? Find out today. 

Which Way To Go? - Jaimee Linder


I have had the pleasure meeting Zulma Suarez Lopez and Carolina Nogueira during fall semester, 2018. I found them both to be exotic, adventurous, intelligent, determined women.

Upon learning we would be using digital storytelling as a genre to sharing one's story I immediately jumped on wanting to tell their stories together. How do two people from different worlds just happen upon Kelowna, BC? Specifically, how do they both choose the Advanced Certificate in Communications at Okanagan College? These are actually fascinating questions with fascinating answers.

To begin, I wrote a parallel essay showing the compliment and contrast to each other’s personal and professional stories, and, ultimately what propelled them to study at OC and how they will use this new degree in their future.

Pursuing A Passion - Andrew Nash


Pursuing A Passion was created through StoryMaps using a mix of text and images to convey the lifestyle that author Andrew Nash is living. Written from the 1st person point of view, Andrew’s story begins at the age of 17, when life after high-school lacked a sense of direction. Through the use of vivid images and text packed full of figures of speech, Andrew shares his journey through post secondary as he uncovers what he is truly passionate about. In order to resonate with a broader audience of students, Pursuing A Passion incorporates two student spotlights, each of which builds upon the underlying message that Arts at OC can truly be applicable to any future career. Andrew hopes that by sharing his pursuit of a passion, both current, and prospective Okanagan College students can relate to his challenges and find inspiration to follow their own interests.

More Than Professors - Carolina Nogueira


Cooper is a former student at Okanagan College from the Communications, Culture and Journalism Studies Diploma, as well as being the Communications Manager at Hiilite, a local marketing agency. In his story, he shares his experience of choosing a suitable and fulfilling degree that helped him to build a successful career. He gives some tips on how to relieve the stress of being a student while a full-time worker and also describes how the relationship with the professors was key to completing his studies. Cooper is now finishing a bachelor degree at Simon Fraser University and explains why the transfer process was extremely simple.

Jeremy Beaulne - Taryn Sotvedt

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This digital story is presenting the Red Dot Players' esteemed director, Jeremy Beaulne, and how he has gotten to where he is now at Okanagan College. The story will preview some amazing photos taken by the talented photographer Denise Johnson. These photos will be seen throughout the article, giving a visual representation of all the hard work Beaulne has put into his successful plays and musicals. This digital story will be formatted as an indirect interview, giving the feeling of being present during the interview with Beaulne. This digital story will hopefully offer an insight for future students, giving them courage to follow their passion, and continue on with Okanagan College.